The Best Stoves and Ranges

With close to 100 hours of research behind us, including interviews with repair technicians and chefs, we think the Whirlpool WFE745H0FS is the best bet for most people who need an electric stove. If you have a gas line, we think the Frigidaire Gallery FGGF3059TF is the right choice for most. These ranges have every feature that make it comfortable to cook almost anything, and we think they’ll work reliably for many years.

The Whirlpool WFE745H0FS freestanding electric range has a huge 6.4-cubic-foot oven, as big as you’ll find at this price. It has a true convection cooking mode for better roasting and baking, and a versatile racking system, including a split-level rack. As a brand, Whirlpool has one of the best reputations for making reliable electric smoothtop ranges, and this model in particular has very strong reviews from owners. It looks and feels nice, too, with sturdy burner knobs and a number pad for setting oven temperatures. The easy-to-clean ceramic-glass cooktop gives you more temperature control than most, including two multi-element power burners and a simmering element that can hold low temperatures very steadily. Almost all of its features can actually be useful to most home cooks.

The Frigidaire Gallery FGGF3059TF freestanding gas range has the sturdiest, most polished build of any model at this price. The brand has a great reputation for reliability, and the user reviews for the most-similar models are strong (this is a brand-new model at the time of writing). And it has all the important cooking conveniences including a convection mode and continuous cast-iron grates over the five-burner cooktop, which includes a stronger-than-average 18,000 BTU power burner. The 5-cubic-foot oven is a little smaller than others at this price, but it’s still plenty of room for a huge turkey or ham.

If you just need a cheap stove that works, the Whirlpool WFC310S0EW(electric) and Whirlpool WFG320M0BB (gas) are the lowest-cost ranges that have great user reviews and come from a brand that we know to be reliable. They also have slightly better specs than other low-cost ranges. While they’ll get most meals on the table, compared to our main picks they have weaker cooktops with fewer burners (and no smoothtop, in the case of the coil-element WFC310S0EW), no convection, and fewer racking options.

If your kitchen is designed for a slide-in range, or you prefer the no-backguard aesthetic, we think the LG LSE4613ST (electric) and LG LSG4513ST (gas) are good options to look at first. Slide-in ranges have pretty similar features across brands, so people tend to choose based on looks and price. We think these LG models are worth checking out in particular because they have slightly better cooking specs than other basic slide-in models, including enormous 6.3-cubic-foot ovens with lots of racking options, and versatile cooktops with strong power burners (3,200 watts / 18,500 BTU) and super-sensitive simmering elements (100 watts / 1,200 BTU). While we don’t have much info on slide-in range reliability, LG appliances in general tend to be reliable, including their freestanding ranges.

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