The Best Cookie Sheet

If you’re looking for a sturdy cookie sheet, the Nordic Ware Baker’s Half Sheet is the best one for baking all kinds of cookies. After spending more than 35 hours testing 13 sheet pans and cookie sheets over the past two years, making 23 batches of cookies, six pizzas, and several pounds of sweet potato fries and oven chips, we found that the Nordic Ware performed every task nearly perfectly—better than sheets twice the price—and without warping at high heat. This rimmed baking sheet also makes a great all-purpose pan for everything from roasting vegetables to preparing bones for stock. It’ll even serve as an impromptu pizza peel or as a tray for transporting pies in and out of the oven.

We chose the Nordic Ware Baker’s Half Sheet as our top cookie sheet in our original 2013 review, and after two years of heavy use we’ve found it still performs well. Some aluminum sheet pans may perform on a par with it, but the Nordic Ware offers the best performance for the price that we’ve found. It’s been one of the hardest-working pans in this tester’s home kitchen for two years, and despite some minor discoloration it’s as good as it was on the first day we used it.

If our main pick sells out, the Artisan Half Size Aluminum Baking Sheet is a decent runner-up. Like the Nordic Ware, it’s made of strong, uncoated 18-gauge aluminum that stands up to high heat. In our tests it browned oven chips a little darker than the Nordic Ware, and it costs more than our main pick, a price bump with which we saw no increase in performance. Better to get the Nordic Ware, if you can.

Our experts mostly preferred the added versatility of a rimmed sheet, but if you like rimless cookie sheets, we recommend the Vollrath Wear-Ever Cookie Sheet. In our testing this two-handled sheet was easy to rotate in the oven, capable of baking cookies evenly, and simple to clean. Made of 10-gauge aluminum, it’s even thicker than our main pick, so it won’t warp easily. But it isn’t as versatile for baking or roasting as our main pick.

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